Lefkes , Paros 84400 ,Cyclades , GREECE

Transfer from Parikia Port to Lefkes Village

There are 3 alternatives ways to reach our Lefkes Village Paros Hotel in Lefkes from the Port of  Parikia:

By bus :
The bus stop is just 5mins outside the port , to the right as you come out from the pier . Take the No.1 bus that goes to Lefkes and after approximately 30-40 min you reach the village of Lefkes. Our hotel is just 5mins away from the stop. Cost approx. 3-5 Euros. Buses have a limited service, they do not run till late and their schedule changes depending on the period. (call +30-22840-21395).

By taxi:
Just outside the port , next to the pier , there is a taxi station. The time needed to reach Lefkes is about 20 mins and the fee ranges from 12-20 Euros depending on period. With an additional small fee , if you instruct us beforehand, we can arrange for a taxi to await for you with a sign , at the pier.

By rented car:
We can arrange for a car to await for you at the port, if you plan to rent one anyway , to assist you with your transportation during your stay. Prices range from 25-…65 Euros depending on type of car , period, insurance required.

Transfer from Paros airport to Lefkes Village

There are 2 alternatives ways to reach Lefkes Village in Lefkes from the Paros airport which is situated about 20km from our hotel:

By taxi:
There are taxis waiting outside the airport but its important to book one in advance ,just to be on the safe side.The time needed to reach Lefkes is about 30-35 mins and the fee ranges from 20-35 Euros depending on period.

By rented car :
We can arrange for a car to await for you at the airport. Please advise us in advance of your plans so as to be able to assist in the best possible way.Don't hesitate, contact us.That's what we are here for…


Lefkes Village Hotel

Hotel Address:

Lefkes , Paros 84400 ,Cyclades , GREECE
Tel: +30 22840 41827
Fax: +30 22840 42398
E-mail: lefkesvl@otenet.gr

Winter Address:

11A Haritos St., Kolonaki, Athens 10675, Greece
Tel/Fax: +30 210 7293351
E-mail: lefkesvl@otenet.gr